“I wish I could write as elegantly as Carol Schlanger. I wish I was as brilliantly funny as Carol Schlanger. I wish I had joined her commune in the 70s and lived her outrageous, back-to-the-land life. But since I wasn’t and didn’t, reading her riveting, gut-busting and brave work is the next best thing. Strip down, light-up and catch her as fast as you can!”

— ARLENE SARNER, award-winning screenwriter (PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED, BLUE SKY), playwright and author .

“A miracle! Both a poignant confessional and darkly comic Roman à clef, about a life led on such different planes that it is astounding there was ever any intersection. The story of how a young, deeply urban woman learns to live off the grid in the Pacific Northwest, gutting fish, chopping wood, and making love like an accidental, Jewish she-wolf is sensational. I couldn’t put it down.”

— CARL GOTTLIEB, award-wining screenwriter (JAWS), director and author

“Carol Schlanger’s wild ride of a memoir gallops hilariously through the early seventies commune experience that all of us old hippies meant to have. She has the perfect voice of her generation. Honest, rebellious, sensual, politically astute, she’s invited us into history to live and love through her. We dare not pass up the opportunity because being Carol is in itself an adventure.”

BARBARA BOTTNER, New York Times bestselling author